Comparison with invasive prenatal diagnosis

The PrenatalSAFE® 3  and 5 screening tests detect, respectively, 71% and 83.1% of the chromosomal abnormalities found during pregnancy. 

With the PrenatalSAFE® Plus screening test, the detection rate reaches to 86%. 

The PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE screening test represents the highest level of screening available today for non-invasive prenatal tests on cell-free DNA circulating in maternal blood. The test allows detecting 95.5% of the chromosomal abnormalities detectable during pregnancy (Karyo Plus level) reaching a detection level rate very similar to that of traditional fetal karyotype (96.8%), obtained by invasive prenatal diagnosis techniques. Moreover, the test also offers the potential to identify mutations responsible for serious genetic diseases (association with GeneSAFETM test).

The molecular fetal karyotype-array-CGH (prenatal examination considered the gold standard) performed on fetal cells taken with amniocentesis or villocentesis, allows detecting 99.9% of the chromosomal abnormalities found during pregnancy. (Wellesley D, et al., 2012; Wapner et al., 2012; Fiorentino et al., 2011; 2013).