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PrenatalSAFE®  is the non-invasive prenatal test which is performed in Italy, at the laboratories of  the Eurofins GENOMA Group. Unlike many other NIPT tests in the market,  the samples are NOT sent to service laboratories located in the USA or in China. 

There are many offers of fetal DNA analysis tests from maternal blood. In many cases, the centres that offer the tests are simply distributors of the test: they only carry out blood collection from the pregnant woman and send the biological sample to a foreign laboratory. Instead, in the case of PrenatalSAFE®, the test is carried out in Italy, and specifically in Rome and Milan at the laboratories of the Eurofins Genoma Group. 

GENOMA has invested substantial resources in the latest generation of instrumentation, technology, know-how and scientific research, in order to provide its customers with a high-quality service and a technologically advanced non-invasive prenatal tests. GENOMA in partnership with ILLUMINA and THERMOFISHER, leading multinational companies in the Next generation sequencing (NGS), offers one of the most advanced prenatal non-invasive analysis protocols available today in Europe.