Why PrenatalSAFE® ?

• Just a blood sample (8-10 ml) from the pregnant woman 

 PrenatalSAFE® is a NON-INVASIVE screening test: safe for the mother and the fetus 

• Reduces the risk of abortion-related to traditional invasive prenatal diagnosis techniques, such as amniocentesis and Chorionic villus sampling (CVS). 

• Sensitivity higher than 99%, with false positive <0.1%. 

• PrenatalSAFE® results can be available from 3 working days.

Test TAT*
PrenatalSAFE® 3  3 days
PrenatalSAFE® 5  3 days
PrenatalSAFE® Plus 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo 5 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo Plus 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE 5 (10) days **
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE Plus 7 (10) days **

* Turnaround Time (TAT) is the time taken from receipt of the sample in the laboratory
to final authorisation of the results in our Laboratory Information System

** The report of the PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE test consists of two different reports: the first refers to the non-invasive analysis of the fetal karyotype that will be provided in 5 or 7 working days, and the second relating to genetic diseases inherited and / or de novo which will be available after 10 working days.  The above mentioned reporting times, however, are not binding and could be prolonged in case of repetitions of the test, not optimal results, diagnostic investigations or interpretative doubts.